Smart meters installed 5/4/2019 : gas meter still not sending data to DCC


You installed our smart meters on 5/4/2019. The electric meter works fine, however, our gas meter still isn’t very smart and we have to submit readings to you. Are you any nearer sorting out a fix?

Also, the IHD only picks up the electricity supply.

@Ph1ll same here. That’s why I’m leaving bulb. They can’t and won’t fix it. Too busy sending engineers out to install them.

Hi @Ph1ll, welcome back to Community!

I’ve sent you an email now - we can carry on the discussion to see if we can get your meter commissioned remotely for you.

Hi @GeorgieS_at_Bulb, thank you, I’ve received your email. Fingers crossed.

@GeorgieS_at_Bulb is there any hope mine will be fixed before my switch completes on the 1st. I would have stayed if there was some hope. Thanks.

Hi @Tigermad, I can see that we executed a comms hub reboot only about 2 months ago, so we unfortunately do have to wait for 3 months before we can request further reboots.

@Lou_at_Bulb It was requested by Bulb yesterday and was I told it can take 2 weeks! Yet another different answer from someone else! The post you were referring to was aimed at Georgie that is dealing with my complaint about my dumb gas meter. Georgie even confirmed on my other post the reboot was requested yesterday. Are you now saying it wasn’t requested yesterday?

Surely you can see on my account this was requested yesterday? So you are saying the IHD would remain faulty because you have to wait 5 months! What a load of rubbish. Can you please explain why the customer has to sit with a IHD rebooting for 3 months!

Hey @Tigermad, i’m really sorry that you’ve been misinformed :disappointed: The Comms Hub reboots can only be done every 3 months. I can see that the request has been made too early and will be rejected by our smart teams if not withdrawn.

We will have to request the reboot after 3 months has passed. I’ll ensure that your account is updated and that a follow up email is sent to you regarding this.

@renee_n_at_bulb hi Renee. So I have to live with my IHD rebooting every 5 minutes for 3 months? I will add this to my complaint with the ombudsmen.

Hi @Tigermad, I have had a read of your complaint and I can see that Georgie has already detailed the issues we are currently facing with your meter and has explained that at this time there is no fix. We would not be able to offer any alternative solutions at this time, we are awaiting the process to be fixed before we can try again. Again we are very sorry for this :pensive:, if you would like to escalate this to the Ombudsman you would need to request this within the complaints thread.

@renee_n_at_bulb why do you have to wait 3 months? Surely the need to reboot it shouldn’t be happening in the first place. This whole smart metre setup is just ridiculous. It is a flaky system and shouldn’t be installed until it is working properly in EVERY property.

Hi @GeorgieS_at_Bulb,

It doesn’t look like you are receiving my ‘smart’ gas meter readings. Nothing has updated on my account for gas (electric is fine). I’ve added a manual read again so that my bills are correct.

You mentioned in your email dated 24 Nov that you were receiving the gas readings (from 6/11) - Are you still getting them?

What do we do next to get my ‘not so smart gas meter’ smart? Oh, and hopefully the gas showing on the IHD too.


Hi - newbie here. I have recently had a smart meter installed. my IHD is working but my gas meter is not sending readings - or at least they are not showing in my app. I have submitted manual readings and they are also not showing in my app. Please can you help


Hi @taskey,

Welcome to the community! :tada:

I’ve changed a few things around in your account and you should now be able to see your gas smart readings in your app and in the web browser version if you want to try clicking in here:

Let me know if you’re still having issues and I can take a further look for you.



Thank you. I can now see all the readings


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Would anyone @bulb care to answer my questions?

Hi @Ph1ll,

Sorry for the delay. I can see the fixes I ran before have meant we have now been receiving smart readings into our internal system, so I have now raised this with our smart team to get them loaded into your account. I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.


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Thank you @GeorgieS_at_Bulb. If that part works successfully will it also fix the IHD readings too?

Hi @Ph1ll yes it should! When I hear back from smart about this, I’ll be able to give you a more detailed update.

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Hi. Me again. I haven’t had a statement yet. I usually receive one or around the 2nd of the month?