Smart Meters - Made In China

I know the rollout of 5G mobile phone network is being delayed due to fear of hacking via the hardware made in China.

While in the cupboard much to my surprise I noted the Smart Meter Comms Hub branded Toshiba is Made In China.

Has their been any risk assessment made to the risks of all our installations being hacked?

As these units have the ability to cut off our electricity and gas plus their billing function are we 101% secure from backdoor access codes or similar.

Hi @IM35461

Smart meters communicate over a secure private network. Smart meter readings are sent over a mobile or radio wide area network (WAN), and data is sent to your home over a secure wireless home area network (HAN). Both networks have been built so the data you send and receive is always secure.

All smart meters deployed in Britain will go through testing against the CPA [Commercial Product Assurance] Security Characteristics by an approved laboratory.

You can see more information here