Smart meters not commissioned

New smart meters installed two weeks ago.
The installer at the time said there was a problem at office end of things and he couldn’t commission them. I could expect a call and someone would talk me through what to do to get them up and running. That didn’t happen despite emails to customer services and complaints. I did receive an email saying the electric smart meter was working but then another confirming they weren’t commissioned.
If the ‘smart’ meter hasn’t been commissioned properly how can the site tests and checks to confirm the correct recording of electricity and gas flow have been completed?
Other properties on the street have had no problem ‘joining’ the network. If as you BULB state they have not been commissioned properly then there how can there be any confidence in any readings they give?

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Your electric meter is now up and running and we’re receiving smart readings, but the gas meter hasn’t yet started to send us readings. I’ve raised this to the smart team to be investigated and I’ll send you an email with further details once I’ve heard back from them.

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Thank you Freya, I can see there was 1 smart reading on the 26th Nov but nothing since. Still isn’t working.

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