Smart meters not connecting

I was badgered to get smart meters installed, over 6mths ago they haven’t sent readings yet and i keep on being fobbed off with no coverage in my area. I am wanting to change my tariff to take advantage of the ev one to charge my electric car but as the meter wont connect cant do so!

anything i can do?

Hi @pchappie5757 - welcome to community :wave:

We started receiving your electricity readings in December but it looks like your gas meter wasn’t configured correctly on our system which stopped those readings coming through.

This has now been updated, and your next statement on the 4th February should include smart reads for gas and electricity. After this, we should be able to switch you onto the EV tariff.

– Meg :bulb:

Thanks Megan Can you confirm EV tariff please


Hi @pchappie5757,

Yeah, so when you move onto the EV tariff your peak rate will be 22.5 p/kwh and the off-peak rate is 6.8290 p/kwh :oncoming_automobile:

The daily standing charge is also 25.2690 p/day

– KT :bulb:

Thanks Katie Can you confirm whether the tariff is set for a fixed term or variable?

Hi @pchappie5757 :wave:

Sorry for the delay getting back you. The EV tariff is variable.

– Meg :bulb: