SMART meters not installed fully

I recently had work to install smart meter technology on my gas and electricity supplies. However at time of installation Siemens engineer said the meter could not be synced to the network. I’ve heard nothing since and the smart meter is lying redundant in a drawer. Seems like a waste of time at present. Anyone else have this problem

I hope you mean the In Home Display (IHD) is in a drawer, and that your actual smart meters are fixed securely to the wall and all wired up as expected? It would be rather annoying if they’d left your house disconnected with no electrical supply.

Practically every Bulb customer has this problem. I would suggest that anyone interested in getting smart meters installed does so via a more competent supplier.

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mind boggles as to where the gas meter might be located

Hi @alimurdoch,

The engineer will likely have exchanged your meters still but it sounds as though they had a problem connecting them to the smart network on the day of installation. This will be why they left the In-Home Display disconnected. There have been some teething issues across the industry as a whole with smart meters, we’re working hard to get these resolved. Hopefully, we will be able to remotely connect your meters soon.

The word “soon” being used for when smart meters & IHD’s will be fixed, probably fills customers with dread!

Perhaps you are not aware that the same word “soon” used in the previous statements about the decrease in gas prices was for many users, myself included, the “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

Some had left before the “soon” decrease in the gas price actually materialised and the increase in the electricity tariff appeared at the same time.


1With a very large helping of hope.
2For some definition of soon.

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After a lot of back and forward and eventually having to lodge a formal complaint, we eventually got our IHD replaced by one that actually works. However it won’t connect to the gas meter which although is a smart meter it’s really not because it’s marginally outside the range to connect to the electricity meter and we were told there will be no fix, it will never be smart and we will have to always send readings. Anyway, once we have a minute to sit down and do it, we’re switching.