Smart Meter's not smart without mobile signal.

Just before we changed from EDF they installed a smart meter. They told us it won’t have any of the functionality beyond the old meter they took out because there’s no mobile signal in our house. Is there anything Bulb can do to use it? Do they use a different mobile service provider? Perhaps the 2nd Generation rolling out this year will be more useful by connecting via WiFi? Otherwise is there anything else we can get that tells us about our electricity usage?
Thanks in advance for helpful responses.

"For SMETS1 meters the installer will usually test on site and make a decision there and then whether to install. If there is not a sufficient signal they will usually walk away.

For SMETS2 there are more options. The communications are provided by the Data Communications Company (DCC) and suppliers can check that a premises has communications before visiting a site. Once on site they can check with a signal checking device if the signal is strong enough in the meter location. If it isn’t they can fit a number of different aerials to try to boost the signal. If that doesn’t work an external aerial or an alternative mesh communications method is available in some areas. Even then they can leave the meter de-commissioned and ask the DCC to get the communications working."

May or may not be helpful…