Smart meters not working after Power cut

Since having a short power cut yesterday we have had no Smart meter readings for Gas or Electricity. Both Gas & Electricity are working but the IHD is not working for the first time since installation in January 2021. In addition it doesn’t look like the Gas meter is working

Any suggestions

Hi @Cobra20,

If you currently don’t have electricity or gas supply, please call through to our emergency team on 0300 303 0635 to get that sorted.

If your In Home Display has lost connectivity, please can you try using this link to reset them?



Despite following your instructions the IHD is still not showing the gas or electricity readings

I have tried your instructions again but still no luck

Please could you help

Thanks in advance

Furthermore to my previous Email please also note when looking at the Electricity Smart meter,
the WAN light is flashing every second and the MESH light not at all

I would appreciate a reply to my messages