Smart Meters: Not worth the hassle

Hi There, I would like to warn consumers that having a smart meter is not a good idea. The technology is not working properly and a couple of neighbours informed me that they keep receiving incorrect bills and that it could be a nightmare to get anything sorted, whoever the energy supplier is. Stick to what you have :slight_smile:

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I am aware that you probably posted this warning with your best intention at heart.
But you are stating what most of us on this forum already knew

Ask yourselves, how many hiccups did you get in those day’s when an human being came around and read your meter or emptied your coin meter when electric and gas was owned by separate companies. Loved watching the guy empty the meter box and count the money, used get some money back as rebate for paying to much.

Life was so simple. None of the technology today really benefits the consumer only the supplier gains.

them was the days, long gone I’m afraid

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Yep, sure has, common sense gone out the window these days. I have resisted the meter malarkey and not planning to have them fitted. They keep bugging me with auto emails even though my meter is in a walled bunker with lid, even sent pictures so they could discuss with the tech guys if the meter area is suitable, still heard nothing back regarding the photos sent, this was early last year.

Hello @Coffeelover

Thanks for the post regarding smart meters.

With smart meters there is a rare chance that they might not be commissioned directly to the network however if they are successful they will provide real time usage and allow people to get bills with actual reads than estimations.

Signing up to smart meters is free with us, we are always looking at updating and upgrading the systems for those unsuccessful in the commissioning process.

It could be a more technical reason to why your neighbours do not get accurate bills, if they are members of Bulb, tell them to get in touch and we can take a look at this for them.


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I asked repeatedly not to have a smart meter but they insisted, so I agreed. They do not submit readings automatically and I now have readings that are triple my usual usage. I went from £30 electricity a month to £111… when I monitor the meter day it only shows increments of 4kwH, then suddenly shoots up.
I agree, the product is not ready for the market.