Smart meters or back to meter readings?

Just switched to Bulb lots of fan fare from friends but now I understand I’ll be back to submitting meter readings and no smart meter to monitor our usage. Our current meter which sends live Info to our current supplier (no estimated bills) and has genuinely saved us money since its installation through monitoring our usage so it’s a real negative that it will no longer function.

Unless bulb can tell us otherwise I think this could be a sadly short relationship.

On a side note… how wasteful that the supplier’s are installing smart meters which are not cross compatible with other suppliers.


The situation where a new supplier cannot automatically read first generation smart meters installed by a previous supplier must lie with the Government and OFGEM for not fully testing compatible and rushing out the first generation meters

Further details on smart meters can be found on the OFGEM page at:

Bulb seem to have taken responsible action by not installing first generation smart meters and carrying out their own testing on second generation meters before rolling them out to their customers.

@Jamescolchester Hi there, unfortunately yes, as it’s a 1st generation meter it would require manual meter readings. This lack of compatibility is a real frustration regarding these 1st generation ones. Once ready, we’ll install 2nd generation meters that are cross-compatible.