Smart meters....or perhaps dumb ones

Come on Bulb, I had smart meters installed last week (21st) the guy doing the install said there was an issue “commissioning them” and that Bulb would ring me to talk me through doing it.
Bulb haven’t rung me so far, instead I’ve had an email saying,

“This means you’ll still need to submit manual meter readings in your Bulb account for now. If you need extra help with reading your meter, please reply to this email and let us know.

We might be able to fix this remotely
If we can’t fix this remotely, we’ll get in touch to book a new appointment with an engineer. We know this is frustrating. We hope to update you within the next 6 months.”

I have sent you an email asking for confirmation that the six month bit is a joke - you haven’t replied.

Not amused.

I’m having the same problem with my gas installed on 25th. There was an “outage” apparently. Not sure what that means and where the outage was. I’m getting the feeling a fair majority of meters they install will not work and its all pot luck.

Hi @markw1 ,

I just took a look into your account and I see that your electricity is commissioned, we’re just waiting for Siemens to send us over your new meter details / exchange readings (these should come through by tomorrow). Sadly the gas meter wasn’t successfully commissioned by the engineer so I I will request a remote commissioning for you now. But we’re really sorry that you’re still having to wait to get automatic readings.

@Trevor_at_Bulb Hi. Can you check my gas please. Mine needs remote commissioning too. Thanks

Support seem to ignore complaints emails so you have to come here.

I was told my Smart meter would work after it was reset. I just got my first electricity smart reading but not a gas reading.

It’s not my job to keep asking what is happening, it is up to bulb to tell me what happens next.

If you don’t keep asking you just get ignored as they are totally unable to deal with the failing project.

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@Tigermad Hi there. I’m really sorry that we’re not receiving readings from your gas meter yet. I can see that you already have a complaint open about this so I will prompt my colleague handling your complaint to send an update.

@HGS I can see that your complaint is being handled by somebody from the smart team already. They advised today that they’d send you the details of your complaint tomorrow so hopefully this will get resolved quickly for you.

I do appreciate your concerns and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The majority of smart meter installations do go ahead without any problems.

Hi, Actually I was told I would get an email today but haven’t yet.

I still can’t understand why I have to keep asking for information when customers are paying you not the other way around.

I value my time and being 70th in a queue on numerous occasions because emails are ignored is just unacceptable.

@Sophiem_at_Bulb thanks Sophie but I don’t seem to be able to get a straight answer though. Why did my gas install not work properly and can it be commissioned remotely or not. Why are some people getting their meters commissioned remotely very quickly?

@Sophiem_at_Bulb I have contacted them myself and don’t appear to be getting a reply.

My persistence appears to have prompted action and my smart readings are now being listed.

Thanks to those involved in rectifying the problem.

It should never have happened as all installation should be checked and customers contacted by survey to “snag” problems.

THAT is customer service

Same situation here. Encouraged to switch to smart meters. Installation went ahead with no issues UNTIL the handover from the engineer when, from what I’ve read, I was given what appears to be the standard excuse of an “outage” or network issues, with a promise of a call from Bulb to explain how to connect. Two weeks so far, not a whisper. Appalling strategy and clearly misleading customers in order to meet meter targets. Now received an email from Bulb suggesting it may take 6 months to connect??!!

Hi @kevenwhite, I have enquired with our Smart team to see what we are able to do with your gas meter being uncommissioned - once I’ve heard back from them, I’ll be back in touch.

My statement is now showing a balance of £3082 with no less than 25 statement corrections today! What on earth is happening? Please reassure me that the account will be restored / correctly adjusted.

@kevinwhite You can contact the Energy Ombudsmen after 8 weeks if they have not fixed it by then. That’s what I plan on doing too.

Happened to me back in June - not as much, but about £1000 credit.
I had to contact them on live chat to get it sorted.
That’s also the reason why my recent payment change has been so ridiculous, because it screwed up my usage estimates on the system.

So my advice would be, contact on live chat to get them to correct it, and keep a close eye on your suggested payment incase they try slipping in an wrong increase.

Hi @kevenwhite

Apologies for the shock there, I’m sure that’s not what you’d expected to see. Rest assured it’s all part of the process, though.

As part of the actions we’re taking on your account we’ve had to consolidate statements from the period since you joined us. That consolidated statement is unsurprisingly for a large amount, so we’ve refunded all the payments you’ve made to us as credit ready for the statement to be taken against (that’s the £3082 sitting there now).

The reason the statement hasn’t been issued yet is because it covers a period over a year. Under Ofgem regulation we cannot charge any extra money for energy that was used over a year ago. As such, our operations team check all these statements to ensure that doesn’t happen. It’s sat in draft currently, and will be sent to you when it’s been checked.

Don’t worry, once that happens the account balance will normalize and this won’t happen again. I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face: