Smart Meters - Physical dimensions and fixing points

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I am due to get Bulb smart meters fitted by siemens on the 15th January.

I have just look at my meters under my stairs, I have some concerns on how big the meters are and how they are mounted. I have look everywher on bulb and I have failed to find out what the manufacture and model numbers are of the current meters being fitted by Bulb/Siemens are.

I’d like to have information on their physical dimensions and fitment, in order that I can prep my location for the fitting.

I believe the gas meters location to be OK as it is a rather bulky dumb meter fitted in 2000.

Its the electricity meter which is my main concern as it is squeezed onto the old 1930’s wooden panel between a modern MK electrics dis cabinet and the old 1930’s main fuse box, the space is tight. Ideally I want the new smart electricity meter to drop into the space vacated by the old dumb one. The dumb ones dimensions are 12cm x 8cm x 3.5cm (W x H x D), see uploaded photo.

As an electronics engineer I would like to get the physical information and fixing point templates for the meters so that I can check that its all going to work out OK, or if I have to do supplementary work in order to mitgate any installation problems on the day.

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PS (Rant): Bulb it would be nice if you actually made this type of information available and not treat all your customers to the llowest common denominator, so of us do have brains you know and we know how to use them. (Rant Over)

While Bulb don’t give any details (probably because it depends on make/model, and it’s likely they use more than one), there is this in their help pages:

Note that there needs to be a comms hub fitted as well as the meters themselves.

Bulb this the information one of your competitors give its customers on their smart meter installations. Bulb you have nothing like it in your information, you can do better because others are.

What sort of size is the comms hub?, I was under the impression from Bulbs info that the two meters talked to each other directly and there was no man-in-the middle because the electricity meter talked to the DCC.

That’s actually not good enough. Maybe I should have chosen OVO as my energy supplier then as they give out that type of very useful information.

Bulb -> Must try harder.

I agree it’s a bit rubbish. It is, however, better than nothing at all. The OVO guidance is considerably better, although it doesn’t appear to mention the comms hub that’s also required (the size of which might be included in the electricity meter dimensions, of course, since they’re apparently generally fitted above/adjacent to the electricity meter).

I think I am going to cancel the smart meter installation seeing as Bulb can’t be asked to provide all the necessary required information on their website. Some people require it and some people don’t and are not bother to even read it, so Bulb should cater to those that need it and let their other customers choose to ignore it if they wish to. I just don’t need the hassle if a siemens operative turns up and the meters can’t be fitted where I want them, afterall it is my house and I can have stuff installed the way I want it installed.

I can tell you exactly what type of meter you will get and that is what ever the engineer has on van when he arrives at your house. Bulb only use contractors so they have no control or interest of who installs your new meter. If the engineer can’t give you what you want, you can always decline the installation. If you cancel now and in the future your existing meter goes faulty, you will get what ever he has on his van.

Hi @Spitfire

The SMETS2 smart meters & comms hubs are together roughly the size of a A4 piece of paper (in portrait).

142 mm (h) x 130 mm (w) x 68 mm (d) - meter itseld

However, there also needs to be space for the comms hub to sit attached to the ESME

ESME + CH = About the size of an A4 piece of paper.

We install EDMI and Landis + Gyr SMETS2 smart meters.

I agree @stevefoster and @Spitfire , the size of the smart meter is listed on our website. Thank you for flagging this I will pass that on to the comms department.


Hello Mel_at_Bulb

Please be sure to get your comms team to add that information and keep it updated as and when its needed. It would be nice supply customers with all the information they may need on an installation. It can head off installation problems before they are encountered be your installers. I will check tomorrow morning, but I believe your electricity smart meter will not fit in the location vacated by my old one. I do not want that meter anywhere else, so I that I we have to cancel the smart meter installation.

Regards one disappointed Bulb customer.

Smart meter installation cancelled, I was not happy with the information supplied by Bulb. It was too little, too late.

Hi @Spitfire and @stevefoster

Thanks again for your feedback.

The comms team have not updated this page with the measurements. :smiley: