Smart Meters - Right now?

68,053 Coronavirus casis today
1,325 people have lost their lives

Why are Bulb allowing ‘NON ESSENTIAL’ smart meter installations to continue, when our NHS hero’s are battling to save 1000’s of poeple. You’re putting your members lives and their families, plus the meter operatives and their families at a HUGE risk, for a smart meter ?? ? Meter Installers can visit up to 5 / 6 homes per day. Imagine if they don’t know they have Covid 19 ?

PPE offers some protection, but no guarantee’s.

Is it really worth it ?

Get on board with the country Bulb, encourage people to wait until the vaccine is rolled out, whilst allowing emergency work only.

There are thousand’s of install’s daily. The consequences of you insisting they are safe, whilst no one actually knows how to control this new virus varient, could be deadly for an untold number of your members.

Do the right thing.

Protect people.

No one’s forcing anyone to have a meter installed, so get over yourself.

It’s pretty simple if ya don’t want one due to Corona virus don’t have one installed. If you’re having one installed then the guy replacing them in the house is there for a minimal time in a mask.

Open your windows, wear a mask, it’s really that simple

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Thanks for your opinion Dave. My view still stands.

Not one that’ll get listened to either given you can safely install meters during Covid

Thanks again Dave. The fact you know this process is 100% safe should be very reassuring, but unfortunately Dave, the news today includes reports by Doctors, A & E Specialists, Scientists, and a Government Sage advisor who disagree with you (and to be honest, I tend to believe them).

They think this lockdown needs to be tightened to restrict movement, and any unnecessary contact to reduce transmisson. This relates completely to my original post.

I think I’ve made my point now, whilst also listening to yours, but there really isn’t anything else to say.

We don’t have the same opinion, but are both entitled to say what we think. I’ll leave this post now, with no further response from me.

I hope you and your family stay safe.

someone coming into your home to install a meter is highly unlikely to pass you some of that lovely Covid. It’s risk assessed and fairly safe.

If someone has an issue they don’t need to have the install or they can have it and go sit outside for the duration.

Your opinion on what’s safe and what isn’t, isn’t going to stop installations at bulb or any other company. If the government want to tighten up and stop everything then that’s down to them and not your optioion

Not all meters are inside either…

Do you tell your postman/Amazon driver etc to stay away?

I’d love a smart meter right now, as mine are dumb… if anything they need to get the right infrastructure in place so the damn things work.

More chance of glowing green in the dark from all these free radicals “supposedly” in smart meters.
Or reaching for the valium and the sharp thing when the damn things don’t function correctly and your bills are screwed up.

Hi @Bobgee

I do understand your concern about smart meter installations. We don’t want to put anyone at risk and if you do not want an installation there is no pressure to have one.

We’re following the latest government advice, and will continue installing smart meters in our members’ homes. So as long as you aren’t self-isolating, or experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.

To keep everyone safe, engineers will use personal protective equipment (PPE), and practise social distancing throughout the installation. If you wanted to know how the installation takes place and the measures the engineers take you can see this here.

Let us know if you have any other queries about the installations.


@Mel_at_Bulb " If we need to make a return visit because your meter is faulty, or your smart meters can’t connect to the network, there’s still no charge."

At what point do you decide to make a return visit for a meter that isn’t communicating?

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