Smart Meters SMET2 Going Dumb

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum so this is my first post.

I joined Bulb last September and I received the new style SMET2 Smart Meters from Bulb.

On 9 May, they both decided to stop communicating with Bulb and my IHD. I became aware of this when my IHD failed to wake up one morning. I used live chat to communicate this to Bulb and to minimise the amount of telephone calls into the contact centre. It was explained to me by ‘Alexander D’ that there is a communications hub integrated into the top of the electric meter (mine is a Siemens type) and this communicates both with the smart network operator Data Communications Company (DCC) and with my IHD.
Apparently a full Comms Hub Reboot was required to be done but they are only done in batches by (DCC). I had to wait for a week or so for this to be done. It was re-booted but now only shows gas usage. In the middle of all this I was due a bill and I asked Alex if Bulb was getting meter readings. Initially he said yes but changed his story to no so I took the initiative to input meter readings manually myself. This was just as well because I then had an accurate bill, although Bulb’s system credited it and re-invoiced it out exactly the same the next day. Curious and despite asking Alex about this, he has not given me an answer yet.

I am frustrated with this because we all pay a standing charge for correctly functioning meter equipment in our premises to operate in both Bulb’s and our favour. SMET2 meters should not require any human intervention but I have had other historic problems with them since they were installed. As it stands today, I still have no fully functioning electric meter or IHD. I am therefore wondering if any of you have had similar problems, what your experiences were and how long it took. I am seven days away from contacting their CEOs directly and I have already earmarked an alternative supplier to switch to, if this saga continues. Do let me know your thoughts.

Hi there. Unfortunately this is not bulbs issue, but the “DCC”. The DCC is responsible for the signals used for smart meters, and getting info to the energy suppliers like bulb. If you just take a little look on the forums, you are far from alone. Switching suppliers will only help with the communication between you and the supplier, but will not fix the dodgy meters unfortunately.

Hi @clivepayne481 Welcome to the Bulb Community and thanks for your post :wave:

We’re sorry to hear about the ongoing issues with your smart meter. I can see your complaint is currently being dealt with, and my colleague emailing you on the complaint has also raised this with the smart team to ensure the correct next steps are taken.

I’d advise following up there with any further questions so we can keep your complaint in one place.

Hello Matthew - thank you for your reply.

I will let your colleague retain ownership of this.
The purpose of my reply was to see if any other Bulb customers had experienced the same sort of thing and to get their perspective on things.

Hi @clivepayne481 Thanks for confirming, I’ll leave this for any other Community members to jump in if they’ve had the same issue.

The comms hub reboot can often be successful on the second try, if it’s only partially fixed the issue first time round, although I appreciate it’s not ideal to wait another few weeks for this to be processed by the DCC