Smart Meters - Standing Charge

Just a quick one…does the daily usage displayed on the IHD include the daily standing charge?

Don’t think it does.

Many thanks for your reply.

I was under the impression that it did as the gas display registered 20p worth of ‘usage’ in the early hours of the morning…and no gas had been in use since 21:00 the previous evening.


Just looked at mine,10am and it’s showing 00.06p but I’ve got an elderly boiler with a pilot light.

I have a modern condenser boiler so find it strange that it would register any usage…let alone 20p worth when nothing has been on for hours.

The answer is it’s complicated and it depends.

This has come up a few times on here. There were reports of “including” and “excluding” even between Bulb customers using Bulb’s own installed smart meters and presumably configured the same way, never mind any other suppliers. I haven’t seen anything conclusive either way.

For what it’s worth, my SMETS1 smart meters installed by Scottish Power a couple of years ago DO show the standing charge. Just after midnight the “total today” resets to zero and then a minute or so later updates to include the standing charge for both fuels. Of course since switching from Scottish Power that standing charge is now wrong, but that’s besides the point.

From what you’ve said it would seem your IHD does include the standing charge.

The next question you’ll have is does it include VAT or not :upside_down_face: