Smart meters & statements

Since I have had a smart meter my statements are not up to date… I had one today for apr/may usage not jun/jul as I would normally yet they are still taking money out of my account? I thought smart meter was supposed to improve things?? if not can we get them taken out??

Hey @mjlgirly :wave:

Welcome to Community! I’ve sent out your latest bill for you, a reading was stuck on our system so we’ve manually fixed that for you. Would you be able to submit a manual meter reading from your meter just to make sure the bills are up to date?

I’ve also updated your readings to start being sent to us more frequently to make sure we’re connected to the meter and can get those over to us.

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I dont understand why I need to submit a reading when a smart meter has been installed? or why my bill is showing as an estimate since having the meter installed. you say that you have updated the meter to send reading more often, I assumed it was weekly>??
The statement sent thru is up to June, I assume the next statement will be next week?
Current reading is 534, however I have a query as to how in summer when I use less energy my usage on the meter shows similar figures for my winter usage? I several other people have noticed higher usage and costs since having the meter installed, if this is going to be the norm I dont think I want the meter !

Hi @mjlgirly :wave:

We generally set the readings to come through on a daily or half-hourly basis, but up until now, this hasn’t been the case. @holly_at_bulb updated that on your account this afternoon.

When we start getting more regular smart readings, estimates will no longer be used. Your statements run from 15th-14th, so yes you’ll receive another statement next week.

Do you mean on the meter itself or the in-home display? The meter will show accurately the kWh usage, which depends entirely on how much energy is used in the property.


Even a monthly reading should vbe enough and set to read the day before my bill is due to be calculated. However it is now set at every 6 hours which seems to me to be extreme. I do not use the in house display as it needs to be plugged in and therefore uses more electricity!!! However I still do not understand how I am suddenly using the same amount of Electricity in the summer months as I do over winter… Checking back over my statements over winter and autumn my usage was always between 238-260 at a maximum in winter and now in summer months since the new meter I am about the same??? why is this???

@mjlgirly The IHD won’t be causing a large drain on your electricity, so we do recommend keeping them plugged in to stay up to date with your use.

The reason we increase the data sent to us is 1) to be able to keep your bills accurate as much as possible, but 2) because this jump starts the readings coming through on a regular basis as once a month can sometimes get lost in the data. Hopefully setting it to a more regular reading time will help get them through to us :crossed_fingers: If you’d prefer we can set it back to monthly for you?

Looking back at your account, your use looks pretty consistent throughout both winter and summer on the old meter as well in terms of the readings you sent to us. I don’t see a spike in use on the new meter but it is common for elec only properties to have higher use generally. I recommend submitting another reading 1-2 days before your billing date to avoid using estimates and get an accurate month to month view of the amounts until we get smart readings through to us

You should set the readings to come in a day before the bill then there is no need for estimates… If you only take a reading on say the 1st of the month then move my bill date to 2nd! this is not hard to do, we already pay in advance, are normally in credit even before monthly payment is taken, Bulb users pay in advance for our electricity so you as the provider should be doing more to make things easier. We installed the smart meter to avoid all this extra hassle and to have to send in reading manually. Considering everything the world and country are going through right now you should be supporting your customers and keeping things flowing smoothly… I have to say I am considering moving to another supplier at the moment!!! I thought Bulb were one of the good providers!!

@mjlgirly The meters are working, the readings just needed a bit of help coming through. Now we’ve updated the readings they should come through no problem in the next month- if you’d like to set it back to monthly reads after the next bill you can but having them set as daily does mean the energy use chart can update daily in your Bulb Account as well :blush:

Since I got a smart meter I have no statements that I can download . I need one for proof of address. Does anyone know how I can get this ?


Hey @mainajoycew

Our internal system was missing the last reading from your old meter when it was exchanged which caused the bills to error- I’ve now fixed this for you and I’ve sent out the updated bills as well. :blush:

You’ll receive this by email but youc an also download them by PDF in your Bulb Account here

– H :bulb:

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thanks for the quick response. I love Bulb :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem @mainajoycew. So glad we could be of assistance.

Don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you need anything else.

Daisy :bulb:

Hi Bulb.
I have been waiting for a smart metre installing and you said you could do it. However Covid struck.
I now see you’re engineers are back in business.
Any chance now of coming out please to install us one.
Thank you.

Hi @siewassell :wave:

I’ve responded on a couple of other threads if you could get back to us there.

Cara :bulb:

all i see is that altho we don’t use much electricity really the prices are sky rocketing since we installed this meter and the little readout box doesnt work properly half the time showing no usage at all

Hi @mjlgirly
I’ve replied to this in the other thread you posted on :slight_smile:

Hi Bulb,

You installed a smart economy 7 meter but it took several attempts and much frustration for me to alert you to the fact. I was still being asked for meter readings. Eventually, I was told that the meter was now communicating with yourselves but I have just realised that without telling me, you have swapped me to a single tariff instead of a dual tariff and aren’t taking night time electricity readings (or charging me for night time electricity). Please can you contact me urgently to discuss. BTW, the indoor unit still doesn’t communicate with the meter. It seems to be utterly useless.

I have a smart meter and my bill shows smart meter readings are used for the electricity bill but gas is always estimated. Why are both not based on the smart meter? The IHD shows up to date readings for both!

Hi @Fatfreddyscat

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear you have had a poor experience with us.

I just had a look at your account, unfortunately your smart meter was commissioned as a one rate when it was installed, which is why your tariff has changed to one rate. We will need to bill you on that one rate tariff for the time being but could look to move your meter back to 2 rate if your metering set up is dependant on it.

What sort of metering set up do you have? Do you have immersion/ storage heaters?

Ele :bulb:

Hi @rew27

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

Sorry for the issues with the readings.

The meters are both commissioned are communicating with us well, and we are getting readings from both.

The readings for your gas were just not loading through the account correctly, I’ve made some alterations which should stop this error, so the next bill you receive will be using the smart readings.

Let us know if you have any more problems

Ele :sunny: