Smart Meters Still Not Working After Almost a Year

Bulb Energy arranged for smart meters to be installed on 4 April, 2019 and to date I still get no data hand-off to the In-Home Display (IHD).

During another conversation with your Customer Support on 30 January, they were going to request the Smart Team to re-boot the Home Area Network (HAN) as my IHD constantly re-boots itself 7 or 8 times an hour.

You’ll understand my patience has somewhat waned as it’s more than two weeks I’ve been waiting for the Smart team to apparently re-boot the HAN.

For information my IHD has been displaying ‘Waiting for current data’ for almost a year.

What can I do to ensure this is resolved sooner rather than later?

Change to another supplier,
In all seriousness this is a matter you have to persue
with bulb, as we on the community can only do the impossible we can’t perform miracles

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I thought this was a platform to contact CS?

No not very often they grace the forum with there presence more conspicuous by their absence as said you will need to phone direct
Don’t email

The link to community from the Help page has this text:

Find and share solutions with other Bulb members.
Discuss climate change. Or just the British weather.

I think originally Bulb intended community to be an active customer service channel, but that aim has long since been abandoned. They do post here occasionally, and you might get some help, but it’s unlikely. You’ll be better off continuing to use whatever method you’ve already been using for communication with Bulb thus far.