Smart meters - what information is available

I have still not 100% decided to go ahead with a smartmeter. I do have some extra questions that hopefully someone can answer or point me in the right direction on.

1: Is the smartmeter or IHD addressable via an API so I could run a script on a PC to collect data for my monitoring. If so can somebody point me to the API documentation? (From reading old posts I think there is no API, but I might have misinterpreted that.
2: What can be displayed on the Bulb supplied IHDs?
3: I have solar panels (and battery) and in particular I’m interested in seeing flow to and from grid per day (or better if possible).
4: What level of detail is available on current use and historic data over time?

Yo :nauseated_face:ur lucky been waiting a long time no sign of a metre or reply when asked!

If you connect the IHD to SmartThings I am fairly certain you would be able to access reported device properties via their API. has more info.