Smart Meters - What is the point

So, I’ve had issues with my smart meter for a couple of months now…contacted Bulb more than once and they told me the hub needs to be rebooted and it will be done within 6 weeks…fine. So now I was told its been done and zero has changed. I still get estimate days (none of which are accurate, for example, go to bed at 23.00 and the meter shows £8 of use, when I check the app the following day it says £12 used, or an estimate of £13).

My bills have went from £240 being my highest in 2020 (January, so cold), and since my smart meter problems, £340. I took a photo of my smart meter last night, the last night of the month and it showed £280 yet my app says £360.

Smart meter means absolutely nothing. I thought the whole reason for them was so that you can monitor your usage, in an accurate way. This is absurd.

I really think its time to seriously consider switching supplier, with Bulb my bills just seem to go up and up and up, and it wasn’t a particularly cold month in December either compared to the previous years!

(electric only btw)

Has anyone else has this same issue?

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