Smart Meters: what's the current state of my meters? Rather confused

I have smart meters installed for both electricity and gas (previously installed by British Gas). Having checked these using, I now know that these are still older SMETS1 meters, but the IHD seems to be working fine, so I’m guessing the meters are functionally OK.

However, it seems like the gas meter is correctly sending readings, but the electricity meter isn’t—or at least isn’t sometimes… or is sending them on a different schedule?

In the Bulb mobile app, I can only see an energy usage tab for gas; there isn’t one for electricity, so no usage graphs are available. But then under Readings, there are a bunch of readings for electricity, with a type of ‘Smart’ (which I didn’t enter, so they must have come from the smart meter).

And then even more confusingly, last month the app asked me to submit an electricity reading manually. But normally I can no longer submit readings manually through the app or website, which I assumed was because it should all be done by the smart meters and manual readings would interfere with that.

Can someone help me understand what the current situation with my meters actually is please? Are they going to be upgraded, or are they in the process of being upgraded? Should I be submitting manual readings or not?

Any help much appreciated!

Hi @markeebee :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

I have had a look over your account and we are receiving readings from both the gas and electricity meter on 23rd and 24th Month. This lines up with your billing period and after having a look over your recent statements I can see that we have been billing you to these smart meter reads. So- to reassure you, we are receiving and billing you to smart meter readings for both fuels.

Our usage graphs are in beta mode, so offer an indicator to your usage but are not 100% accurate.

If you want to check up on your usage and what you’ve been charged, we generally say that the meter readings themselves are most important. We always bill to a reading at the start of the billing month and again at the end to make sure we’ve got the right consumption information :bulb:

If you have any further questions or if I haven’t given you the answer you want please let me know :point_down:


Jen :star:

Thank you for the info @Jen_at_Bulb—the fact you’re receiving both readings correctly is the main thing!

I’ll assume the manual electricity reading request was a one-off glitch then.

So regarding the usage graphs: I assume at some point the electricity usage graphs will catch up with the gas ones in the app and they’ll just appear from that point on?