Smart meters? Where are they? Are you even bothered?

When will smart meters be coming out. I was informed when I signed up it would be late 2019. However here we are 2020 and not update? I am considering leaving you as you have sent no updates and I feel your customer support is very poor

No update? Sounds like you’re the one that’s not even bothered! Start your research here. You’ll probably not want one when you find out how temperamental they are right now and for the next 12 months at least … :upside_down_face:

I joined Bulb in March 2019.
I applied to have one via the website in the Summer (can’t remember when).
Bulb sent me an email offering to install it in mid-November with the earliest date at the end of November, but I couldn’t due to work, so I booked it for Christmas.
Bulb installed it 27/12/2019.

The key was I requested one and was on a waiting list, Bulb didn’t offer it until then and they have until 2024 to install them all.

Bulb also stated in that email “We’re installing smart meters in your area” so must be doing it in batches around the country.

Read the update. Lots of marketing jargon for “not a clue what we are doing” I’m in the southern region as am supposedly experiencing issues with my smart meter… My non existent smart meter