Smart Meters


You have asked for my first reading. I have a smart meter. Do you not access these?

Hi @cliffshena

At the moment, there isn’t much compatibility between the smart meters used by one energy company and those of another. This is because the smart meter rollout was started without any real standards. So we’re not currently able to read smart meters remotely. It doesn’t make sense to us to provide smart meters that are not compatible and are unable to be used by other suppliers. We don’t think it’s right to tie you into an energy supplier in that way, for the same reasons that we don’t have exit fees.

There is a new initiative to create these standards, called Project Nexus, currently in development. Once this is completed a lot of smart meter things will happen, in and outside of Bulb. Nexus has been delayed several times though, so we won’t necessarily wait until it’s ready if we think we can do something worthwhile before then.

That said, in the meantime, we’re going to be providing members with energy monitors, which fill some of the roles of a smart meter. These are devices that clip onto your meter and automatically provide real-time feedback on your usage. On average they help people save 10% on their energy usage. We’re trialling these at the moment, so if you’re interested we can send you a set.

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I would like to trial a energy meter if that’s ok

@cliffshena absolutely.

We just need to do quick check that your meters are compatible before we do. Could you take a look through these instructions and check.

The relevant bits are “Are there any households that won’t be able to use Loop Electricity?” and “Are there any households that won’t be able to use Loop Gas?”

Hi @will,

My bulb energy supply is due to start real soon, and I was hoping to get on the Energy Monitor beta, I have checked the Loop Electricity and Loop Gas instructions and I believe that my meters should be compatible.

Many thanks

Sure thing @estocker, I’ll get both sent out to you today.

@cliffshena have you managed to check if your meters are compatible yet? We only have one more gas monitor left (and a few electricity monitors). So if you’d like one, I need to know soon so that we don’t give it away to someone else.

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Hi. I have solar panels so it looks like i will need to wait till you have the new model which deals with this.

@cliffshena that’s a shame. It’s definitely something for us to think about when we’re going ahead with energy monitors. We don’t want people to feel penalised for having solar panels. Thanks for getting back to me.

@will that’s awsome thankyou! :smiley:

I would also like to be part of the smart meter trial please

@ponsyponsy We won’t be starting the smart meter trial until next year, just so you know. I’ll add your name to the list for it.

In the meantime, we are doing an energy monitor trial. Energy monitors are things that clip onto a normal meter and automatically send usage data to you. It doesn’t quite do everything a smart meter can, like provide readings to us, but they do tend to help people reduce their usage by 10%. If you’d like to be involved in that, then let me know.

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Yes please

Righto. Before we send them out to you, please could you check this link to make sure that your meters are compatible -



I would absolutely also be interested in joining the smart meter trial when it starts next year! Please could you add me to the list? And if the energy monitor trial is still going on, I’d love to be able to tell the kids just how much their xbox and Netflix habit is costing me! :wink: (I did check the FAQs and am good to go.)

Righto @mikepearce I’ll add you to the list for the energy monitor trial!

Hi Will,

Is it too late for the energy monitor trial? I would be very interested if not

Hi @david_os not at all. I’ll add you to the list for the next batch and when we get them in I’ll let you know.

Thanks @will . PS I have checked compatibility and there is no problem there

Great, thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Count me in for smart meters, especially if you can get time based tariffs.