Smart Meters

I was referred to Bulb via the Cleo banking app. The offer seemed too good to pass up, but before I too the jump (with a company i’d never heard of), I asked if your company worked with Smart Meters. I was assured you did.

Now, when I logged into my account, I was kicking around to understand how I got access to my energy usage. Prompted by the message “We require a couple of months worth of readings…”, I checked into your FAQs and it appears you don’t in fact support Smart meters. Can you confirm this is the case?!? If so, this relationship isn’t getting off to a very good start…

Hi @andrew2286. Really sorry, but I’m not sure who provided the information about Smart Meters, We currently don’t provide smart meters because these first-generation meters are not compatible with different suppliers. In 2018, we’ll be rolling out second-generation smart meters that will be compatible and we’ll have the capability to read the first-generation smart meters. Sorry for the confusion, but please do let us know if you have any questions.

I was referred through the cleo app, and it was a person that provided the advice before I signed up. It was the one stipulation I had before moving across,… I am furious. I’ve only recently had the smart meter fitted, and now I can’t get any live data from it. What a waste of time.

Is there any response to this at all?!?!?

Sorry for missing your first message, @andrew2286. We’ll touch base with Cleo and explain that they gave inaccurate information.

As you may know, we have no exit fees, so you can leave us for a company that can read your smart meter at any point. This company may be your old supplier, but if another supplier uses the same smart meter software package as your old supplier, it could be this other supplier, as well.

That said, I understand you wasted time, and we do apologise for that.

Hi there. I have a smart meter (gas and electricity) installed by first utility. i am in the process of changing suppliers, to yourselves. What do I do in this instance? Can I still continue to use these smart meters?

hey @martin6439 - good question!

For now, we are not able to remotely read your smart meter like your current supplier. You need to read the meter manually and submit the readings in our online portal. This is because the smart meter you have installed is first generation and unfortunately each different make of first generation meter requires a different piece of software to communicate with it.
The good news is that second generation meters are not far off and will communicate through a central system (getting rid of the need for lots of software!).
Ofgem have plans to make first generation smart meters compatible with the central system, but this functionality won’t be available until late 2018. At Bulb, we’ve made the decision to wait and only install second generation meters for our members so they can be confident that if they choose to switch to another supplier their smart meter will still work.

Thanks Helen