Smart Meters

Please could you tell me what is Bulbs situation on smart meters at present

Hi @stephen9242 , we aren’t offering smart meters just yet, but will be rolling out smart meters to our members from mid 2018. We’re very excited to get them out and working to their full potential for you guys.

I dont mean to be negative on this subject but on a personal level I cannot for the life of me find any benefits to be had from smart meters.

@scudo to my mind the main benefits are:

  1. Ease – you don’t have to submit meter reads yourself, they’re automatic.
  2. Getting a handle on your energy use – you can see how much energy you use on average during given hours, given days, etc., and pick up trends in your energy use.
  3. Makes time-of-use tariffs easier to implement. Connected to (2), smart meters make it easier to have a time-of-use tariff, i.e. electricity that is cheaper when it’s abundant, i.e. from midnight to 5am. People can set their appliances (and electric cars and batteries…!) to charge only when the electricity is cheap.

What do you think?

@scudo to my mind the main benefits are:

Possibly for most these would be benefits but as mentioned on a personal level I am pretty much ahead of the game.

About 4 years back I had a thingy that was plugged in to appliances and recorded the electricity used, I used this for a few months so had a good idea what used how much both in £s and kWh. Once I got things under control I had no further need to depend on it.
As I am not on a time-of-use tariff that does not affect me. Maybe for the future as the only thing running after midnight is my freezer.
As for readings I take mine weekly as a matter of course and have records going back 4 years so can compare costs and kWh used. I also use this to ensure I have been correctly billed for the amounts used.

As previously posted I am not being negative towards smart meters for those that want them but for me I have taken the time to get to understand my usage and how the utility companies formulate their monthly bills.

@scudo, I think it’s great that you’ve managed your energy without being reliant on smarter technology. It really does show that it’s possible without smart meters to manage one’s energy.

The overall initiative is to bring this visibility of energy usage to more people with benefits of automated readings to suppliers. This allows for cleaner billing on our side as well.

I do agree that for people who are already on top of their usage, it doesn’t add the same benefits.