Smart meters

Hello, British Gas installed a smart meter in my house a year ago, it never actually worked with the reader inside the house as it wouldn’t update with my tariff providers rates so it was in plugged and plopped in a draw. Do bulb use this “technology” or shall I leave it in the draw. Cheers.

Hi @paul7077 - leave it in the drawer. Your smart meter (which is the box in the cupboard where you can see your actual meter readings) will stop sending readings wirelessly when you switch to us, so the energy monitor won’t display anything useful.

This is because the smart meter you have installed is first generation and unfortunately won’t continue to be “smart” once it switches away from your old supplier. At the moment each different make of first generation meter requires a different piece of software to communicate with it, so they only work with the supplier who installs it. The good news is that second generation meters are not far off and will communicate through a central system (getting rid of the need for lots of software!).