Smart meters

When I joined Bulb I was annoyed to see that my brand new (two weeks) smart meters had gone on holiday. I rang Bulb and the operator told me that you were going to start rolling out ‘phase two’ meters in November 2017 and he would be delighted to put me down as prepared to be an early adopter. Any news of when this will happen as I’m getting somewhat ticked off with grovelling on the ground in my front garden to read my gas meter?

Hey @mick228 thanks for getting in touch. I’m really sorry that we haven’t got in touch yet about smart meters. We’re going to be rolling them out mid 2018 as it’s taking a little longer than expected to prepare the launch.

We want to make this roll out as seamless and successful as possible. As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, this hasn’t really happened so far. So we’re being careful.

We don’t like changing or pushing back dates so just want to say that we are really sorry for not sticking to our word there. We hope when the time comes you’ll be suitably happy with the product :slight_smile: