smart meters

Just in the process of switching from First utility. have had a smart meter for years. Probably the first. Brilliant. Bulb say they will install in mid 2018 and “hopefully” be able to install programmable versions late 2018. Why on the event of a switch over, can’t the smart meters be changed too and why aren’t the energy suppliers and also the smart meter manufacturers talking to each other?

Hi @Theo_0203 - good question!

The first generation of smart meters, on the market at the moment, only communicate with the company that installed them. This is due to the many different types of software that are unique to the meter types and companies. Next year there will be a drive to update these systems to allow communication across programme types and to different energy suppliers.

In parallel to that, the newer generation of smart meters (available next year) will be able to communicate with all suppliers from day one. These are the smart meters Bulb are choosing to install.

As you already have smart meters you will have to read them like you would a traditional meter until the national changes take place or until we installed a newer version of the meter.