Smart Meters

Hi - I am going to be joining bulb on 11th Jan 2018 from British Gas, who had installed a smart meter 12 months ago for both my gas and electricity. This provides some really interesting usage metrics and insights into energy use. Can bulb use the same smart meter or will you need to install your own? If it’s the latter, can you tell me when the smart meter could be installed.


Hi, @Eric_Barbour, thanks for the message. The smart meter you have currently got is only compatible with the installer, and so we won’t be able to get smart reads from it. For now, it would be great if you could take reads to give us :slight_smile: We will be installing smart meters (the second generation ones) in mid-2018 to all our members who would like one. I have added you to the smart meter trial list and we will be in touch about this closer to the time. Happy Bulbing!