Hi everyone…ive finally found the spare time to change energy supplier and as you can see ive chosen bulb.
Just wondering what will happen regarding my smart meter that was supplied to me by British Gas.
Will they have any effect with bulb or are they ready for the bin.
Single hard working mum not used to handling this kind of thing.
I officially swop over to bulb on 25th of this month.
Also is there a mobile app.
Thanks x

Hi @Ruby149, the smart gas meter will for the time being become a dumb meter again and you will have to read it manually. Your In Home Display may or may not continue to function depending on the exact one you have although I believe that the ones from British Gas do not continue to function after a switch.
Bulb are going to be rolling out 2nd gen smart meters from the middle of this year.

There is currently an IOS app and an Android app is coming soon