Smart Meters

When will you be installing the new smart meters, I am still on an old dual electric meter with another supplier but want to move to Bulb when you can install the 2nd generation meters, thanks

@ferret321, from June of this year.

Thanks for your speedy response @mowcius!

@ferret321 - look forward to welcoming you aboard then :slight_smile:

I have a Smart meter installed from my previous energy supplier. How do I take the reading to submit to you as there are no dials on the meters and the digital unit does not show either??

Hey @SirBobby the first generation of smart meters turn ‘dumb’ when you switch suppliers, which is why Bulb have chosen only to install the second generation (SMET2s). You’ll have to supply us with manual readings until then.

@SirBobby, on smart meters you sometimes have to press a button for the readings to appear.