smart meters

Hi when are we likely to get a smart meter ?

The newest timeframes (which keep getting pushed back due to complications with the Smets2 meters) are:
We’ll be doing a full-scale trial from July. Roll-out will be from Sept onwards.
If you’d like to be part of the smart meter trial, please fill out your details here.

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I’ve ended up coming to the opinion that I don’t need a smart meter. Doing monthly readings is no great imposition, and the “free” smart meters are all still going to be paid for by the customers.

Oh, well that’s a bit frustrating.

Can you elaborate on the complications? (Will it be in your blog? :wink: )

That’s quite a slip in terms of the trial date; not a criticism, just disappointment.

@AndrewC and @mowcius I agree.

Quoting basically directly from Dan, who’s leading our smart roll-out, the reasons are:

  1. The DCC not being fully functional yet (only 40 SMETS2 meters have been installed in the UK to date, all of them in test mode)
  2. We’ve had to procure another meter installer due to a variety of factors that we can’t disclose because of commercial sensitivity.

@Alec I agree that doing monthly readings isn’t an imposition. To me, the most exciting aspects of smart meters are:

  1. Allowing super granular time-of-use tariffs that incentivise demand-responsive appliances, thereby turning homes into partners in the fight to allow greater renewable penetration on the grid
  2. Allowing effortless visibility into when (and therefore you can make inferences about what, how, why, and where) you use energy.

OK, it’s a shame.

So the Data Communications Company seems to be a cock- up of a situation.