Smart meters

I understand there is a national plan to remotely upgrade existing smart meters so that they are readable by all energy companies rather than only by the company that installed them. Can you update us on this plan?

Hey @SHDJ great question. You’re correct - currently, mostly first-generation smart meters are being installed in the UK right now. When these are installed and the energy supplier is switched these won’t communicate automatically with the new supplier.

Second generation meters are in the works and are slowly starting to be rolled out on a smaller level. These are cross-compatible so when you have one installed you’ll never need to worry about it again even if you change supplier. With Bulb, we’re aiming to scale up our installation of these in late 2018 and throughout 2019.

I have a smart meter which was installed by First Utility. I transferred to Bulb a couple of months ago. I just wanted to confirm whether this is a type of meter you can read smartly, so that I don’t have to keep sending in readings.

Hey @Meldrew that’s likely to be a 1st generation meter, i.e. one that would need manual meter readings after a switch.

Bulb are undertaking a different project alongside installing 2nd generation meters, that would allow us to access the communications of some 1st generation meters. It’s looking like this will be about 30 % of 1st generation meters, so yours may be one of these.

We’ll be contacting the members who are suitable later this year.

Hi Euan

Any idea when we’ll get smart meters through bulb? I know you mentioned that there’s a small trial, but whats the roadmap for getting them rolled out on a wider basis? or even getting onto the trial :wink:



Timescales on getting Smart meters was mentioned in this response just a short while before you posted your query.

Hey @EdinburghKate you can add your name and email to a list of people that are keen for our beta-phase, which we’re compiling here: o