Smart meters

Just switched to bulb after a terrible service from e.on. I would really like a smart meter to see how much energy I’m using. Do bulb send these out?

Hi there! unfortunately, we aren’t rolling out smart meters quite yet. This is because we really want to wait for generation 2 smart meters, as there are some flaws to the current generation (i…e you cant switch supplier and retain smart functionality). The good news is the wait is nearly over and we should be rolling these out around the end of the year, as soon as these are available to us. If you drop us an email we will put you on the list to hear more about this!

Please put me down for a smart meter… I have just taken to the recycling centre the smart meter which my previous supplier installed. Nothing wrong with it, but they disabled it when I left them for Bulb. They don’t want it back and it’s no good to anyone else. Is it just me who finds that type of wastefulness offensive?

Hi @Glenn_C - I’ve added you to the list. That is a shame- the smart meter roll-out has been rushed, from our perspective -we want to just give you one set of smart meters that will continue to send readings to all suppliers you may be with after us.

Hi Ella/Alex please can you add me to the list for one? I’ve been waiting for ages, considering you said you would roll them out January 2018 how sure can we be that we can get them at the ens of this year? I’ve been holding out but i’m seriously considering changing suppliers now.


We now have a form where you can sign up to the trial, please fill this out and we will be in touch in the not too distant future: