Smart meters

Hi guys,

I have a smart meter from another supplier. Will bulb not just use that one or will I still have to get meter readings for them all the time.

Also is there a way to reset the smart meter it’s from utilita but I don’t know the erase code.

Hi @Matthewleigh23 I am afraid the first model of smart meters do not support supplier switching due to the unique way each supplier encrypts the transmitted data. This is a fault of the first smart meter model which is solved in the next, revised, model however we will not be in a position to offer you one of those for about 6 months. For anyone who has a SMETs 1 meter, there is a plan for a national software update, however, no timescale has been released.

As to resetting the meter, please do not. It will mess up your billing with ourselves and utilita.

@“James at Bulb” so would this mean that I’d have to do meter readings every single month to have to make sure my bills are right? Would there be a trail to be a tester for these new smart meters so we could get them sooner?



That is correct for the meter readings every month.

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