Hello, just switched to bulb from npower (hope it’s going to be cheaper with the winter coming). Anyway, smart meters?! I don’t have one.

When will Bulb be providing me with one?

Hey @Matthew1988

We aren’t supplying Smart meters to any of our members yet as current tech has a massive pitfall. If you stop, then the smart meter stops working, becoming a dumb meter. :scream: :-1:

We’d rather give you guys working tech and something that gives you the freedom to switch away if you want to.

We hope to be rolling out our 2nd gen Smart meters in early 2019.

If you’re interested, there’s more info on our blog

I’m disappointed that we don’t have smart meters yet. It makes it difficult For me to monitor my energy usage properly and having to send meter readings every month is rather annoying. I wish you could release your meters sooner as it’s making me want to look else where that can provide me with a meter to monitor my usuage properly :frowning::frowning: Please release them soon So I can stop looking at other company’s around haha

@Matthewleigh23 we can’t wait for them to be available as well. They’re currently in the final phase of testing but it still means more hoops to go through. Fingers crossed not too much longer to wait!