smart meters

When will your smart meters roll out and how do i get one please.

Hi @winesliverpoolfan - Bulb is currently planning on starting the roll out later this year ( see ) - the delay of the ‘SMETS2’ meters (which work with any electricity/gas provider: the 'current generation SMETS1 meters are ‘locked’ to the installing provider) has been due to the governments selected software provider not being ready on time. I believe they have actually already started trials with ‘staff family+friends’ to try and finalise any last minute problems.

If you want to be one of the first you can sign up via - but the rollout will be per-region (I believe it’s easier to coordinate engineers for a region) so it might be around Q2 next year. However, legally, Bulb has to be able to provide Smart Meters to anyone that wants one by 2020 (unless the law changes).