Smart meters???

I have smart meters that were fitted before i came to bulb …why do i keep getting asked to provide meter redings!!!

Hi @Roger607,

The current generation of smart meters - called SMETS1 meters - tend to be ‘locked down’ to the installing provider: switching to any other provider will render them back to ‘dumb meters’ which means they will no longer report usage to the provider (such as Bulb) and, in most cases, the in home display (IHD) unit will either stop working or provide inaccurate information (especially regarding tariff information). I wonder why the big providers were so keen to install meters which tried to keep people ‘locked’ to that supplier.

Bulb is just starting the roll out of the new generation of SMETS2 meters (and some other suppliers are just beginning to switch over to SMETS2). These have the advantage of being multi-provider compatible (as they report to a Capita owned company called ‘DCC’ which then forwards onto the relevant provider: unfortunately, DCC have had some issues which has caused the slow roll out).

As you are able to see from the ‘Bulb and Smart meters’ thread stickied at the top of this forum ( at ), Bulb is taking steps to try and make older SMETS1 meters compatible with the new industry agreeded multi-provider standard, but it looks to be currently limited to around 33% of installed SMETS1 meters and it’ll probably be sometime in the new year before they can start rolling that out.

In the meantime, you’ll just have to continue to manually provide meter readings.