Smart meters

Time to ditch bulb…for real company… Promised smart meters… Not a sign

Hi @ob21,

Most of the delay in the new SMETS2 smart meter roll out has been down to the Government appointed Capita owned DCC company - see . Other suppliers are currently installing SMETS1 meters which become ‘dumb’ when you switch to another supplier - and may even need to be replaced (again) in the short to medium term for compatibility purposes: Bulb dislikes waste and so why make customers go through the hassle of installing a meter (and the associated cost which will be reflected in the energy bill) to have to rip it out and replace it in a few months/years time.

As per , they are just beginning the SMETS2 rollout in November and hope to have it in full flow in the new year.

Yea… Right

@ob21 We are installing some SMETS2 smart meters at the moment in our testing. They should start to be rolled out early 2019.