Smart Meters

Evidently there is a sticky thread about this, but i can’t find it. Can you please publish the link.

I think the reason you can’t find it is because you’ve posted in the “Everything but Bulb” category of the forum, which as the name suggests is for discussing anything unrelated to Bulb. I’m not sure why of the three available categories you thought this one sounded like the right place to ask your question? Perhaps if you can give some insight into how you got here then the user interface could be made clearer and so help others.

Since your question is entirely related to Bulb, either of the two other categories (About Bulb, Help & Support) is more appropriate. If you go to those categories you’ll see the sticky threads tagged as “Announcement” at the top of the list.

About Bulb: Smart meter update: all you need to know about Bulb and smart meters

Help & Support: Bulb and smart meters

Great. Thanks for you prompt response.