Smart meters

Does bulb do smart meters?

I would suggest:

  • Opening the Help centre linked at the top of the page and pasting your question into the search box
  • Reading some of the many existing threads already posted on the forum, several just today asking the same question.

tl;dr: No.

They keep putting the date further and further back, they can read a very small subsection of currently installed Smart Meters but they won’t definitively tell you which ones; people with the same Smart Meters from the same suppliers have different levels of success and Bulb won’t explain why.

@Chalky, the issue with reading from existing smart meters is an odd one. It would be good to get some specifics from someone technical as to exactly why some people’s can be read and some can’t.
I presume then that they could not read your meter when you asked last year?

I have heard through the grapevine that a blog post on Smart Meters is coming very soon, which may answer this question.

tl;dr: watch this space (dates are no longer moving)