Smart meters

Hi i am joining bulb as from the 27th of this month. What happens to the smart meters i have already as i will be paying bulb by dd?

Your existing smart meter will cease to be smart following your switch from your old supplier. You will have to start manually submitting meter readings again, once per month. You will receive email notifications when your meter readings are due, and this must be done 1-2 days before your billing date. Do ensure you submit your readings during the appropriate time “window” to ensure they are used on your statements for accurate billing. If not then an estimate will be used, which may well be less accurate than you might like/expect, and this just confuses matters.

Note that your smart meters are the devices connected to the actual electrical and gas installations in your property, and not the small In Home Display device you may have been given. The display will start to show inaccurate values since it no longer knows the correct tariff information, so you should ignore any costs it tells you. If you can set the display to show you energy use in the base units of kWh (kilo-Watt hour) then this should still be correct.

Over the course of 2019 the old “SMETS1” meters, that you most likely have, will slowly be connected up to the new data network and will regain their smart functionality.

Paying by direct debit is irrelevant to whether you have normal meters or smart meters.