Smart meters

I have a smart meter with another supplier.i tried to switch to bulb but won’t allow it.why is this?

How are we supposed to know with the zero information you’ve given? All I can tell you is the issue will be nothing to do with you having a smart meter. You’ll have to contact either Bulb or your existing supplier, likely both, and ask what is causing the problem.

Ah, I see. You’re having the same problem as in this thread. My answer here should help:

You've selected the wrong meter type right at the beginning of the quote process. You'll get an option that says something like "By direct debit" or "By top-up". You've selected "top-up" indicating that you have a pre-payment meter, when it appears that you have a normal style meter. So you need to select the other option.

Give that a try and see what happens.

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Ok thank you I don’t.that be great please do

@“Eleanor at Bulb” - This seems to be causing some confusion reasonably regularly. Is there some reason why the meter type check can’t be done earlier in the application process rather than relying on the customer to select the right meter type?