Smart Meters

How do i book an appointment to have a smart meter fitted, link does not work.

Contact Bulb, use the help button for contact info.

There are lots of customers having issues with the SMETS2 IHD not showing electric usage, and not reporting usage back to Bulb, you might want to consider holding off on installation until Bulb have figured out how to fix all the ones they’ve installed that still aren’t working.

Steer well clear of these so called “smart” meters. They really aren’t so smart. I changed over, and that process went smoothly so I was optimistic. Unfortunately, no one thought to mention that it hadn’t been fully set up (something about the lack of radio signal in my area) and therefore no automatic readings where being sent. I’m now in a worse position than before the meter was changed as I have to rely on estimations - there’s no way to submit my own readings anymore. Not very happy and very unimpressed. Also, slow response from Bulb on the issue.

I agree with Bogwoppit and DellyBobs. Very remiss of Bulb not to have contacted those customers who have been fitted with new meters - after all, they know who we are.