Smart meters

I was told I was added to the smart meter trial last year but I still haven’t heard anything about getting one installed

Hi @Natlane,

If you’ve signed up to the smart meter waiting list and have yet to be contacted, it could be one of a few different things.

First thing would be signal coverage in your area. We’re currently only contacting people with sufficient signal, which is currently over 90% of the UK and growing.

Next would be the current meter set up in your property. We’re currently only doing duel fuel installations for people with 1-rate electricity meters (and gas). If you have a generation 1 smart meter from a previous supplier, there’s a different plan for those too rather than just having them replaced.

2-rate electricity smart meters should be available from this summer onwards, at which point we’d be getting in touch with those people who are on the waiting list.

Hope that clears things up :smile: