smart meters

Why can’t Bulb change a smart meter for gas when it is in a brown box on the ground? The previous owner of my house had one installed but it cannot be read by Bulb. Puzzled as to why it is not possible to swap it for one they can read.

Hello, I’m not quite sure if you’re saying you already have a smart meter installed in the box and we can’t read it, or you’re trying to get one fitted. So just in case:
• If you already have a smart meter fitted in the box, and it was installed by the previous owner, it sounds like it could be a first generation meter. We can’t read these yet, but we should be able to read them later this year, or early next year.
• If you’re trying to get smart meters installed and your gas meter is in a brown box (‘semi-concealed’), then we can’t fit these just yet, but we will be able to later in the year. More information about that here:

Hope that helps.