Smart meters?

So i switched to bulb because edf where dragging their heels when it came to installing a smart meter and home display… bulb recon i would have one in a few months after i switched to them.
So im asking whats happening with that? Yes i know about the 1st / 2nd generation meter problem… however thats not my mess to sort out . I just want a meter that isnt running in dumb mode and home display asap.

Several updates on the Bulb blog about their smart meter roll out.

Do feel free to ask any specific questions you might have once you’ve had a read of the updates.

Hey @Jaycie

Here are some of the updates @Hooloovoo is talking about:

July 2019 update.
June 2019 update
May 2019 update
March 2019 update
February 2019 update
August 2018 update

And you’ll find plenty of chat on Community about our smart roll out.

If you’ve not yet registered your interest in the smart meter roll out, you can do so by filling in this quick form. When we know there’s an engineer available in your area, we’ll come and fit one for you.