Smart Meters

Upon receipt of an email from Bulb about the installations of smart meters in my area and would I like to book one. I emailed Bulb with some questions but have never received a response. Here is my list in case anyone can provide useful answers:

  1. your web site (Bulb) providing more information discusses both electric and gas but only shows a meter for gas. So, is there a separate electric meter and if so does it need a separate remote display?
  2. do the smart meters mean the existing meters for gas and electricity be removed and replaced?
  3. can you guarantee that second generation smart meters for both gas and electricity will be installed and that if the installers arrives with old first generation that I have the right to refuse installation?
  4. Does the meter planned for installation provide for a Economy 7 dual reading meter?

IfI was you read all the comments here about the Smart meter fiasco then make up your mind…

  1. The IHD should provide information for both fuels, there is an issue with some of the system where the ESME information doesn’t always show on the IHD which is a known issue (believed to be with the meters rather than the IHD as it happens across IHD manufacturers and energy suppliers)
  2. Yes
  3. Bulb are only installing SMETS2 meters
  4. Not sure on this but I believe so.