SMART METRE - Full Roll Out


I left a note some time back asking to be signed up for the smart metre trial. We have had not response. Given there seems to be no movement in signing up for the trial can I ask when smart metres will be installed as standard for all customers? We are going to have some work don to our electrical system in the spring. At that time I wish to install a smart metre. If I cannot get a response here I may be forced to review other energy suppliers.

Jerram and Sarah.

@thegilbirds, the full smart meter rollout will start from the middle of 2018.

The trial will commence from early 2018.

Having a smart meter installed will not however affect any electrical work you’re having done as the smart meter will simply be installed in the place of your old meter.
If you require your meter’s location moving, unless it’s pretty much right next to your existing meter, this wouldn’t be done at the same time as the smart meter installation anyway.

@thegilbirds @mowcius is correct, mid-2018 is when we will start the roll-out.