smart metre

I still have my smart metre running from my previous two suppliers and it has always been 99% accurate
but I have noticed that my smart metre is showing total use 31 days (28 days then I divide amount showing by 28 and multiply by 31 ave monthly usage) but I notice my smart metre is at £46 duel fuel for the month but my bulb account comes in at £56 for the month can anyone explain as my previous supplier wanted over £90 DD payments .per month

£56 is what my usage is off my monthly reading supplied to bulb.

Hi, the smart meter won’t be updated with our rates and we can’t control this, so it isn’t going to show this information accurately. Your monthly bills from us are the best way to get accurate information about your usage. You should submit a meter reading when we send the ‘payment reminder’ email, so that we don’t need to use estimates.