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Do bulb supply smart metres?

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According to the stickied post at the top of this forum entitled ‘Bulb and Smart Meters’

When can I get a smart meter from Bulb?

We aren’t offering smart meters just yet but we’ll be rolling out second generation (SMETS2) smart meters to our members from late 2018.

If you’d like to be added to the list of members that are keen to take part in our smart meter generation trial, please fill out this form.

Why has there been a delay in Bulb’s smart meter roll out?

You can read all about why we haven’t yet rolled out smart meters on our blog post.

And from my own post yesterday in a thread entitled ‘Smart Meters’

According to - they did actually start installing the SMETS2 smart meters in September so they are technically installing them now: but they probably won't be doing large scale installations until the very end of this year (according to that post). You could be really lucky and demand may be high in area so they can schedule several people's installations at once and 'pick' your area for one of the first to be installed in November/December, or you could be unlucky and be in a low-demand area (so they'll have to send an engineer out 30miles+ for a single meter install... not really cost effective!) and it won't be until sometime next year. Only time will tell - but you are "legally guaranteed" a smart meter if you want one before 2020 [I can't remember if it's before the start of 2020 or before the end of 2020].

According to

With some exceptions, it will generally be the case that:

towns and cities will be first before rural areas
rural Scotland will be first before rural England and Wales
houses will be first before flats
small flats will be first before large blocks

The delay has been outside of Bulb’s hands as the problem has been with the government appointed ‘Data Communications Company’ - SmartDCC [aka Capita] (see ).