Smart metre

Hi on the 5th of Feb I will be with bulb but I have a smart metre with the one I’m with no do I just turn of the smart metre on the 5th as I won’t be using it thanks .

Hi @Everton1975 ,

Your smart meter will probably become ‘dumb’ when you switch to any other supplier apart from the installing one (so it will probably become dumb when you switch to Bulb). The physical meter itself will continue to record your gas/electricity usage, but you will need to manually read the physical meter and provide those readings to Bulb (see How to read your meter – Bulb for the guide).

The ‘in-home display’, upon switch over, will either ‘stop working/go dark’ or will start showing incorrect details (from just wrong cost/price information to just showing random stuff) - so it’ll be safe to turn off/disconnect/remove the batteries from the in-home display (don’t pull out any ‘hard wired’ cables [those without plugs] or cables linking it to the physical meter - although I doubt it’ll have any of those): but keep it safe. There’s a chance that, later this year, your meter could be able to be updated and become smart again - and so the IHD will start working again: but whether your meter will be one of the chosen is unable to be checked at the moment (Bulb doesn’t get the actual details of your meter until the switch is complete and the ‘smart meter SMETS1 enrolment programme’ will be dependent on the make, model and firmware of specific meters).

Hope it helps!